Legacy Global Team
4 Marvelous Methods for Promoting Your Trading Campaign Offline

As a trading campaign organizer, it’s tempting to only focus on online promotion strategies. Your campaign is online after all, so sharing via the medium just makes sense.

While we do definitively encourage you to share your campaign over email and social media, we also recognize that there are many benefits to mixing in offline promotion.

Asking for donations over text is efficient and effective. With just a few clicks you can send off your request, and with a few more clicks, your friends and family can donate.

With everyone having smartphones nowadays, you can include the link in your message, making it really easy to drive the recipient to immediate action.

We don’t recommend sending texts to everyone but instead selecting a group of key supporters (15-25) and sending an individualized message to each person on the list.

Imagine that you want your friend, Susan, to donate to your Fundly trading campaign. You share your campaign on Facebook with all your Facebook friends, Susan included. Susan takes a few days away from Facebook and completely misses your share.

There is no substitute to true connection, and a face-to-face ask gives you that connection. So, if you’re able to, make the time to ask for gifts in person.