Legacy Global Team

Legacy Global comprises of both experience and passionately driven networkers from across the globe in countries such as United States, Canada, South Africa and Trinidad and Tobago. This platform is created to help our members accomplish their Dreams and Goals from their Contributions. The team believes that the basic personal needs of each individual should be met for the greater good of the society.


Our aim is to build a community of people from all walks of life. Who will selflessly help each other reach their goals through crowdfunding and networking.


To be the best crowdfunding platform that opens-up, encourages and teaches persons to provide alternative financial help to others in the modern world.

Our Motto

The Goals of many becomes the Goal of One.

Backed by the Legacy Global Team Guarantee, our platform is the safest, most secure place to give and receive donations. We have a dedicated Trust & Safety team that works day and night.

Worldwide Leader

NO Goal Penalties

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