Legacy Global Team
3 Trading Campaign Page Writing Tips to Captivate Donors

For trading organizers, the campaign page is truly the best opportunity to explain your cause and encourage giving. Campaign titles, descriptions, and updates are all a huge part of the fundraising puzzle.

Whether it's in person or by email, how you ask for donations can often make or break your fundraising campaign.

This is especially true for big campaigns when you pull out all the stops with an amazing event, a beautiful direct mail campaign, and your best fundraising emails. Fundraising works best when it's one to one, between to people who share a common passion.

Use a bright main image, or make a video! This is your shot at a powerful first impression and we’ve found that adding the right images is key to your fundraisers success.

We also recommend using images of the people involved, since images of people get stronger reactions than a graphic or text.Personally share your link with 4-5 friends or family members by sending a text message, Facebook message, email, asking in person, or by making a phone call.

Write a great and descriptive fundraiser title that’s fitting to your fundraiser. Make sure it’s action-driven, and includes the name of the person or organization the funds are for.